Friday, 9 June 2017

Reasons to get a Video for your Business

How can a company become successful? By providing good quality products and services, by delivering the goods in time, by having a good customer base and what else? In order to reach the customers, you need to have a proper marketing strategy. You will get various ideas about how to market the products or services. But, if you focus on the more intricate parts of marketing, you will notice that one of the points is common in almost all the types of marketing strategies and that is the usage of audio-visual media. Videos have made marketing so much easier than before. Not only for marketing, if you want to send a message to your customers, videos  will help you reach out to them in no time at all. Moreover, people look forward to videos because they do not want to spend time reading the same content of the video on paper or on the website. Including videos to impress customers is a tried and tested technique and it has helped every businessman to great effect. Here are few more reasons to get video for your business:

·     Attract Viewers Instantly – let’s face it! Videos are definitely better than text and if the video is made to perfection, you would want to watch it again; be it for any business or for a movie or anything that is relevant to your life. So, if you want to make your business successful, you should get an attractive video made from a reputed video production company so that one video is enough to get the attention of thousands of potential customers.

·     Rank Higher in the Search Engines – when there are lots of videos to demonstrate a product or service that you are offering, there are huge chances that your business will rank in the top list of the search engines. Companies pay thousands of bucks every year for video production services just to make sure that their SEO rank is high. Higher SEO rank means higher chances of viewers visiting the website and thus the chances of getting more customers will increase.

·     Chances of Customers Sharing the Videos – you never know from where you get so many new customers. A recent research shows that many companies who wanted to expand started making videos about their business and shared the same on different social media websites. The videos that went viral were often shared by people who saw the videos on the social media site. In this way, the videos became an intricate part to promote the business in quick time.

·       Videos are for One and All – a video well made can excite customers of all ages. Animated videos or graphic videos can make the whole presentation a lot more sophisticated and innovative. People will be more enthusiastic about your business than ever before. Most importantly, the response that you will get from these videos would be really surprising. All you would have to do is hire a web video company and let the video do the talking on your behalf.

·    Videos are Better Explained Than Text – the chances of understanding a video is more than understanding a stanza full of product information. You may not understand a phrase or the function of a product or service. But, if the same is explained in the form of a video, you will find it easier to understand the whole thing. That is why most businesses have shifted their attention to providing detailed information through videos instead of posting a blog on their website.

Believe it or not, the introduction of videos in businesses has changed the way in which companies are marketing their products these days. So, it would be best if you change your strategy and go for what others are doing to succeed in this rat race.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Decide if You Need a TV Commercial or an Online Video or Both

Making of a Commercial   Photo: Beyond Neon

Any promotions web video company knows that videos score better over other formats of promotions. After all, what is all about TV without the ads? However, not many people may be conscious of the trend of online video promotions virtually taking over TV commercials. Just try to remember the last video you saw on YouTube. It must have had an Ad displayed before the music! You may also recollect that the video sharing site allows users an option to ‘Skip Ad’ at the count of 5 in most videos. Essentially, this convenience of control and free will allows online videos a much broader space of acceptance.
Since the audience exerts conscious decision on whether to skip the ad or keep it, it shows up as analytics and direct sales from e-commerce platforms. You need to focus on a few key aspects to deliver stellar impressions with professional videos.
Appealing to Free Will
People viewing ads on TV have to keep up with a stream of videos in between the breaks. Even if you do not like them, and you skip to another channel, there is still a fresh salvo of adverts to adjust. However, the internet epitomizes expression of free will and people’s choice by its very nature. At the most, there would be one ad at the start of a video, and one can either mute it or skip it. In fact, if a viewer does not like the ad, she can actually discard the given video and look for another option altogether! A lot is at stake for webmasters, and so the impetus on delivering concise quality is at maximum. Whatever you must say, you need to say it in a stunning way typically within a minute.
The Psychological Edge
Since any business must carry parts of its services online, a good ad can lead to direct sales and valuable leads for follow up. Customers can directly click on the advertised link and visit the retailer site. Whenever you must find a suitable video production company, always insist to yourself that the service is up to delivering magnetic attractions via its videos. In this context, it should be relevant to note that much unlike TV ads, online vids should be more competent with a storyline as people generally connect TV with recreation and internet with useful pastime. Audiovisual promotions are not limited to sponsor YouTube viewership though. There total scope is much more expansive, including tutorials, product demos, company profiles, and customer testimonials.  
The Analytics Advantage
Analytics offer one of the key benefits of running online visuals. With TV adverts, the most you would know is a totalistic estimate of the number of people (compelled to) watching your ads in a given slot. However, in the web, one can derive incredibly granular analytics. You can actually pin point the exact locations where people lose interest in your ads usually. You gain access to data on browsers used by viewers, the performance relative to duration of the day, and other detailed insights. Moreover, search engines deem videos as rich media, thereby assigning better ranks to the site if the media receives significant favorable response. Simply by embedding smart explainer video services at your tech site, you allow customers the advantage of saving their time in understanding the best benefits of your product.  
Delivering Amazement

Production services should be able to employ a wide range of tools in perfect synchronization. Apart from the relevance of storyline as mentioned above, the video should pull through the attention span with charming narration, appropriate visual effects, and use of subtitles, whenever necessary. Look up the portfolio of your preferred video production services to understand if they can provide what you expect.   

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Your Online Video Duration Holds Defining Viewing Valuation

Video marketing is a tricky field of search engine optimization. Uploading promotional videos on audiovisual social media such as YouTube and Vimeo carries significant potential if it can elicit viewership interest. Apart from the quality of the content, maintaining the duration of your Online video to a comfortable experience is critical. The Internet works on exceedingly fast-paced dynamics. People target to invest maximum quality time browsing the things they prefer. If the duration is exceeding the common attention span, people would feel wary about spending so much time on what you want to exhibit. You would need to find competent professional services to deliver interesting campaigns in retaining the viewer attention span.
Startle in seconds
In developing videos for online presentation, one should count time in seconds instead of minutes. Viewership data suggests that the first sixty seconds is extremely crucial to prevent bouncing, or people leaving your video for something else. Using a careful presentation of visual effects and appropriate background music, advertisers retain customer interest. Essentially, you must deliver a stellar presentation that stretches the interest of the viewer to find out what is next. Maintaining an element of subtle cumulative surprise is essential. The content should progress from one logic to the next in perfect coordination without a millisecond of glitch in between!

Timing psychology
Condensing the necessary info into a minute or two is not necessarily a problem for advertisers habituated with television production. However, in this context, one should also note that video promotion is not the same as creating TV ads. People are acclimatized with adverts and the same storytelling format may actually seem too brief to elicit any difference specific to the internet. The expectations from the internet are different from that of TV as people have more control over what they want to see. Interesting storytelling may not make a cut as is evident from the availability of ‘SKIP THIS’ button on any sponsored adverts displayed before YouTube videos.
Optimizing the potential
The website video duration should effectively maintain a balance somewhere greater than an advert and much lesser than a general documentary. At the most, it should not exceed 3 minutes, and even if it does, 5 minutes should serve as the cutoff mark in all cases. Therefore, look for competent professionals who can deliver videos that combine the best of storytelling, but does not lose track of the practical usefulness of an online resource. A web video serves as an effective marketing tool as well because you can embed it in social media, parent websites, newsletters, and send in emails or chats. Leveraging this extensive coverage would necessitate creating videos that transfer meanings by a coordination of the right words, appropriate music, information, presentation, and visual effects. 

Once you have decided the duration of your online video, proceed to make one fitting in the timeframe. Do ensure that you are working with people who are good at interesting frame transitions and video editing. Remember that the capacity of editing the video even by one minute goes a long way to generate viewer interest. Finally, for the video to be successful, it must be complemented with interesting descriptions.
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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Reasons to Upload Your Video to YouTube

If you wish to grow in any business, first and foremost your main motive must be to have as many happy customers as you can. However even before that it is important to build on your customer base. Now days the competition is very fierce and it’s hard to build in a pool of loyal customers.
Nevertheless, if you are smart, then you would definitely make use of all the techniques and tricks to get maximum traffic to your website and promote your business. One of the most successful ways to promote your business and attract traffic is with the help of videos. All you have to do is upload a video on your website on any video platform like YouTube and see your video go viral in no time. If you are worried about how to produce a video, then the best bet is to get in touch with a business video production enterprise that takes care of production of video and thereby also upload to YouTube. If you are looking to add that wow factor to your campaign then it’s a good idea to get in touch with an animation video company who specialise in production of animated video.

 Why upload your videos to YouTube?

There are several video upload platforms such as Vimeo, daily motion, Met cafe etc., so the big question is why one of the best video production companies chooses YouTube to upload their videos. The answer to this question is very explanatory as there are several reasons to upload Video to YouTube. The biggest advantage of YouTube is that it already has a built up views of more than 1 billion users every month. One of the main purpose of seeking help from a business video production is to produce a video and upload so that there is maximum visibility, and what better than 1 billion views a month. Other than that, you don’t have to worry about optimising it to various search engines as it is a part of Google which is most widely used by users, hence you can be assured that your videos are about to reach the masses.
If you wish to get unbiased and first hand feedback from your users then you can take advantage of the comments feature which is provided by YouTube. You would be able to understand whether your users like your ideas and if not what exactly are they looking for.
By uploading your videos at YouTube, you do not incur any extra expense as YouTube does not charge any service fees for hosting and bandwidth. In fact when we talk about expense on the contrary you have a medium to make some money through their Google AdSense program.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Business Video Company in Chandigarh

After assisting hundreds of national and international businesses with brilliantly crafted web videos, Armaan Productions has become a leading business video production company in Chandigarh.

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                                                            TV. Commercial for Live Pub Hub

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Video Production in Mumbai

Armaan Productions is providing its brilliant video production services in the financial and capital commercial of India; Mumbai also known as Bombay. When it comes to searching a brilliant video production company in Mumbai then famous names like CNN, Fortis and X-On will suggest you only one name which is Armaan Productions.

Armaan Productions started providing video production services in India in 2011 from their head office in Chandigarh, The City Beautiful and in last few years they provided their brilliant services to hundreds of national and International clients including CNN, Phone Presence, X-On Cloud Telecoms, Twin Productions, Math Pentagon, Plus Binary, Live Pub Hub, and Tutor SYS.

Armaan Productions started giving their post production services in Mumbai in 2014 and with their fully equipped post production studios in, Armaan Productions has become one of the most professional video editing company in Mumbai within a year.

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